CARElderly Services

What we do

Expand the world of the elderly, beyond the four walls of their homes by encouraging them to participate in social activities and interact with others.

Programme Features

Open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday, the centre organizes meaningful activities to keep the elderly active and to empower them with a renewed sense of purpose. These elderly can become a channel of support for the needs of other elderly in the community.

Our SACs are located at the heart of the housing blocks in Circuit Rd and Merpati Rd and aims to provide for the low-income elderly who have mobility issues and are unable to travel far on their own.

Other programme features includes:

  • Meal Service Delivery
  • Medical Check-ups
  • Home Visits

Contact Information:
Blk 35 Circuit Road
Singapore 370035
Team Leader: Ms Jessie Tan
Contact no.: 6747 8782

Blk 12 Merpati Road
Singapore 370012
Team Leader: Mr Danny Chee
Contact no.: 6747 9093