Be a Sponsor

Make someone’s day — sponsor a child’s lunch for a week, a month or a year!




You can provide for primary school students to be in a safe place and nurturing environment after school for an academic year with your subsidy of CareHut fees amounting to $1,080 per student per year. This will give parents peace of mind at work while they provide for their families.






Have you heard stories of how children go to school hungry and cannot concentrate on their studies?A contribution of $1,500 to $2,000 can provide daily lunch and refreshments for 3 CareHut children for a year or a packet of milk every week for 20 d’Klub children for a year






The giving of 1-2 hrs every week can see you delivering meals to 30 elderly at home every week or your contribution of $1,500 can provide daily lunch for 25 elderly for a month.






As the name suggests, this programme is all about surprising and delighting our beneficiaries. This supplements the on-going practical help and counselling they receive from CCSS.Previous Make Their Day projects have included sponsoring a meal for a needy family at a restaurant, or even house cleaning for an elderly lady with mobility issues.The possibilities for Make Their Day are endless.



Out and About


If you like being involved in organizing special outings, camps and activities for CareHut children, a commitment of 1 week or 1 month can provide not just fun but a host of meaningful learning opportunities during their school holidays.For a contribution of $10,000, you can also sponsor these camps or outings to special attractions or places of interests in Singapore for both our children as well as elderly beneficiaries and add quality to their lives in a myriad of ways.